In collaboration with Jarett Sitter, we created a 120 metre squared mural onsite at Calgary's Currie Barracks. Currie Barracks’ Parade Square used to be a solemn ceremonial space for the military. Now most of the ex-military buildings that line its perimeter have been converted into schools, as a result this asphalt acts is a vibrant play zone for today’s students.

Photography and film by Eric González

This mural is a gift those many children who brightened up the sidewalks with chalk drawn messages of hope during the initial lockdown.  We painted a collection of “colouring pages” that can be coloured in with chalk, washed clean by the rain and snow, and then coloured in all over again. There are half a dozen of these colouring pages, spaced out so classrooms of children can engage with them while being socially distanced. It’s been dubbed Calgary's biggest colouring page.

Photography by Eric González