The Giant Project

These four paintings were commissioned by as illustrations for a teaching series. They are presented here along with their interpretations. 

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The Promise
All the enemy has to threaten God’s people with is empty words and shadows. The fighters run because don’t know yet that they are destined to win this battle, but God’s promise of victory is symbolized by the gold on their shoulders. The land behind the giant is also flecked with gold, because their inheritance lies behind their coming victory.







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The Armour
In the shadows, David rejects ill-fitting armour, remembering how he fought his past battles protected only by God. Gold light lingers over the slain predators, as David’s identity is defined by God’s faithfulness and not by man-made solutions.


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The Anointing
Assured in his identity as royalty, David’s strides force back the shadow of the giant. With a souvenir from past victories tucked under his belt, David is poised for victory. Even the giant is dwarfed by the light of the gold-studded stars, which hang as silent witness to the power of the God who formed them.

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The Bride
God’s people surge forward as the head that once belittled their identity is severed. No disillusionment remains, and grass begins to grow over the once-lofty threat. The golden light of evening glints off the victorious army as they take the land promised to them.

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Nicole Wolf © 2018